Chris Therien To Host Caron’s Got Talent in Berwyn, PA

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Chris Therien to Host “Caron’s Got Talent” Showcasing Remarkable Skills and Unleashing the Power of Recovery

Berwyn, PA, 4/30/23 – Caron Treatment Centers, a leading provider of addiction and behavioral healthcare services, has asked  former professional ice hockey defenseman and renowned sports commentator Chris Therien to host the highly anticipated “Caron’s Got Talent” event. This exciting showcase will highlight the extraordinary talents and inspiring journeys of individuals in recovery.

“Caron’s Got Talent” will take place on 4/30/23 at The Barn at Blackburn Farm, bringing together an exceptional lineup of talented performers who have triumphed over addiction and embraced a path to recovery. The event aims to shed light on the resilience, creativity, and determination of individuals overcoming substance use disorder, while also raising awareness and support for Caron’s mission of transforming lives and families impacted by addiction.

Chris Therien, a familiar face to sports enthusiasts and a dedicated advocate for addiction recovery, is the perfect host for “Caron’s Got Talent.” Following an illustrious career in the NHL, Therien has used his platform to bring attention to the challenges of addiction and the importance of seeking help. His warm personality, passion for recovery, and wealth of experience make him an ideal guide through an evening filled with incredible performances and stories of hope.

“I am honored to be hosting ‘Caron’s Got Talent’ and to be part of an event that celebrates the resilience and talent of individuals in recovery,” said Chris Therien. “This evening will showcase the strength of the human spirit and highlight the transformative power of support, compassion, and creativity on the journey to recovery. I can’t wait to witness the incredible performances and inspire others to join us in supporting Caron’s mission.”

Throughout the evening, attendees will be treated to awe-inspiring displays of talent, including music, dance, spoken word, and more. These captivating performances will serve as a testament to the potential and achievements that can be unlocked when individuals find the support and tools they need to reclaim their lives.

“Caron’s Got Talent” is a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the power of recovery and to support the invaluable work of Caron Treatment Centers. By attending the event, guests will not only enjoy a memorable evening of entertainment but also contribute to Caron’s efforts in providing high-quality addiction treatment, education, prevention, and recovery support services.

About Caron Treatment Centers: Caron Treatment Centers is a nationally recognized, nonprofit leader in addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment with a mission to transform lives and families impacted by addiction. For over 60 years, Caron has provided high-quality, evidence-based, and comprehensive care tailored to individuals’ specific needs. With a continuum of services that includes inpatient, outpatient, and online treatment, Caron supports every stage of the recovery journey. Through its unwavering commitment to clinical excellence, innovative programming, and compassionate care, Caron continues to help individuals and their families achieve lasting recovery.


If you or a loved one is in need of mental health or addiction treatment reach out to Bundy Recovery at 800-638-5370 or email: [email protected].

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